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Save 20+ Work Hours

Recommended leads convert and close

Order Processing Time < 5 min

Eliminate order-taking on pen and paper. Cut your order processing time in half (or more)!

Keep Your Store Open 24/7

Grow your revenue by selling via customer portal without being restricted to team’s schedule.

Omni-channel sales experience that you and your
customers will love

Take orders anytime, anywhere: in-field, at trade shows, or through online portal

Tradeshow App

Go digital at trade shows- take orders seamlessly, send confirmations, take payments on-the-spot and follow up with leads faster to never lose a sale.

  • Get barcode label scanning for fast checkout
  • Offer flexible, PCI-compliant payments
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Customer Portal

Empower your customers with 24/7 ordering capability and never let the clock run out on your business. Give your customers the buying experience they crave!

  • Get custom checkout, pricing & order approval flows
  • Give customers access to order history, invoices & live inventory
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Sales Portal

Automate manual sales processes and equip your team with real-time order and inventory updates so they can sell faster and sell more.

  • Create presentations, quotes & orders on the go
  • Boost sales with AI-powered recommendations & insights
  • Get reports on customer, sales & product to make data driven decisions
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Getting started with us is simple, quick, and cost-effective!

Go Live in <30 Days

Hit the ground running with super quick and easy implementation

Low Cost Implementation

Get started risk-free without spending a fortune

Round The Clock Support

24/7 expert support with dedicated customer success manager
1000s of Wholesalers & Manufacturers Trust WizCommerce to
Automate & Streamline Their Sales

Unleash 30% Revenue Growth

The All-in-One CRM Built for Speciality Food Business

Empower your sales reps with real-time inventory & automation for instant proposals, quotes, orders & payments. Close deals faster, track sales performance, and make data-driven decisions.

See How WizCommerce is Different

John Carmichael
Wholesale Solutions Expert
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The All-in-One B2B Commerce Platform For Your Business

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