Jey Key Rugs

Jey Key Rugs is a brand that specializes in crafting hand-made rugs, each of which is a unique piece of art that will take your breath away. With every rug, the company takes you on an immersive journey to the heart of India's majestic deserts, where the magic of creativity and art is born. The team behind Jey Key Rugs is passionate about their craft and ensures that every rug is a testament to their dedication and skill. With Jey Key Rugs, you're not just buying a rug - you're investing in a piece of heritage that will keep your home cozy and stylish for generations to come.


Improvement in employee productivity


To edit an image from 5 mins taken prior to WizCommerce


Saved in data entry time

The challenges

The client has been using a conventional method of storing product inventory for years. This includes creating multiple folders and subfolders within its computer systems, which results in excessive time consumption and reduced efficiency when extracting information for clients' catalogs and also in unstructured inventory management. Furthermore, the company has been struggling to enhance the quality of its product images and to remove the background to make it catalog-friendly, which results in additional expenses from using third-party b2b SaaS tools. These challenges have been preventing Jey Key Rugs from achieving optimal efficiency and may result in potential loss of customers due to long turnaround times. These challenges created a need for Jey Key Rugs to streamline its inventory management system and find a more efficient way of creating catalogs for its clients. Jey Key Rugs turned to WizCommerce to provide a solution that can help with its inventory management system and images more effectively while enhancing the overall quality of its catalog management.

The solution

WizCommerce is proud to have helped Jey Key Rugs overcome its challenges with its inventory management systems by providing a centralized and unified database for its product inventory and images. This cloud-based solution eliminated the inefficiency of storing information in multiple folders locally on computer systems, allowing it to access and manage product data more efficiently. In addition to this, WizCommerce empowered Jey Key Rugs with a smart image editing plugin, making it easy to edit and enhance product images to create a more presentable appearance for its clients. The tool also allowed the seamless removal of cluttered backgrounds from images, creating an enhanced image quality that was more visually appealing. This helped the client improve employee productivity by 40%. With WizCommerce's SaaS tool, Jey Key Rugs was able to make B2B catalogs creation easier than ever. The team had to select products from the centralized database, choose a template, download it, and send it to their clients via email, WhatsApp, or other communication channels. This made the B2B catalogs creation process effortless, taking just five minutes to complete. Furthermore, WizCommerce provided buyer engagement analytics to Jey Key Rugs by giving insights into how its clients engaged with B2B catalogs. This data helped Jey Key Rugs make data-driven decisions about its product offerings and marketing strategies, ultimately improving the business operations. After seven months with WizCommerce, Jey Key Rugs has expressed its satisfaction with the solution provided. The company is now better equipped to manage its product information and make catalogs with ease, while also improving its client engagement and decision-making capabilities with the help of analytics.

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