Reed & Pick

Reed & Pick is a vertical manufacturer of household textiles, based in India with 35 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting home textiles from India. It is a fully integrated unit with a manufacturing facility to produce Bathmats, Rugs, Cushions, and Outdoor Home Textiles. Additionally, it has its own Dyeing, Weaving, Cutting, Stitching, Coating, and Finishing facility, helping maintain over 95% on-time delivery. It has a strong in-house testing lab and stringent process controls to maintain quality standards per customer requirements.

10 hrs/week

Saved in finding products because of an efficient PIM


More catalogs with only 5 mins per catalog


Improvement in employee productivity

The challenges

Reed & Pick participates in multiple trade fairs globally, where its sales representatives meet with potential buyers and capture their requirements using a traditional pen-and-paper method. The problem with this process is that it takes a minimum of ten days to complete, as the sales reps send a photo of their notes to headquarters and an internal team prepares a B2B catalog based on the collected information. This process results in decreased productivity and loss of interest from the buyer, as they may have found another seller. Reed & Pick approached WizCommerce, seeking a solution to improve its buyer management at trade shows. It wanted to eliminate the inefficiency of its current process and maintain the interest of potential buyers by presenting them with a catalog immediately.

The solution

WizCommerce helped Reed & Pick, our client, by providing them with a revolutionary product called Smart Label Generator. This product empowered our client's sales reps to easily manage buyer requirements at trade shows. Through the use of QR codes attached to every product, sales reps could access all product information instantly on their iPads. They could then write the order, create a cart on behalf of the buyer, validate it with the buyer, and generate a B2B catalog on spot, all within a matter of seconds. This eliminated the traditional process of taking notes on paper and pen, which was prone to human errors and also took around 10 days to generate a catalog. With the help of this digital solution, our client was able to reduce lead time, improve buyer engagement, and increase order conversion. It also doubled the number of catalogs that were sent to customers. Our solution has been with our client for a year and they are extremely satisfied.

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