Unlocking B2B Sales Growth: Boosting Average Order Value with AI Product Recommendations

Sales Opportunities You Are Missing Out On!

In the dynamic world of B2B wholesale, every interaction with a customer is a chance to boost sales. But what if I told you that most B2B wholesale businesses leave money on the table every day? It's true. Countless missed opportunities for increasing order value slip through the cracks, often because businesses fail to leverage the power of personalized recommendations effectively.

Picture this: You are in a sales conversation, finding the perfect products to pitch according to the customer’s needs. What if you could get insights on complementary products to recommend? Or a customer lands on your online portal, eagerly searching for the perfect product. They find what they're looking for and proceed to checkout, but what if they could be enticed to add a few more items to their cart? Or order items with higher prices. This is where the magic of AI product recommendations comes into play.

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How Can You Increase Average Order Value (AOV) With AI Product Recommendations?

One of the key metrics that most B2B wholesale businesses aim to improve is the average order value (AOV). By increasing the amount each customer spends during a single transaction, businesses can significantly boost their revenue without acquiring more customers.

AI product recommendations can help you target exactly that! AI-based recommendation engines are sophisticated algorithms that can analyze vast amounts of data, including past purchases, browsing behaviors, and real-time interactions, to deliver personalized product recommendations that resonate with their interests. Let’s explore different ways in which AI product recommendations can help increase Average Order Value.

a) Personalized recommendations

AI-based recommendation engines can analyze historical customer data like browsing patterns, interests, previous purchases, and interactions to identify products each customer is most likely to buy. It can then send personalized recommendations based on individual preferences, leading to a delightful customer experience. These tailored recommendations can increase the average order value, resulting in a boost in sales and revenue!

b) Frequently bought together

Featuring frequently bought together products is an effective strategy for increasing order value. These are items that are popular among customers and have a high likelihood of being well-received. By prominently featuring these products on your website or during the checkout process, you create additional opportunities for customers to discover and purchase complementary products/accessories. Highlighting these products can drive impulse purchases and create cross-selling opportunities, increasing the average order value. 

c) Similar product recommendations

Similar product recommendations suggest items that share similar characteristics or attributes with the products a customer is looking at or has previously purchased. For instance, if a customer is looking at a lamp, similar product recommendations would include other lamps with comparable features. These recommendations broaden the customer's choices and encourage them to explore additional options. This can lead to a customer purchasing a higher-priced product similar to their previous choice, leading to upselling, and increasing the average order value, ultimately resulting in higher sales!

Boost Your Average Order Value With WizCommerce

The union of AI and B2B wholesale can prove to be exceptionally successful when done right. Do it with WizCommerce!

WizCommerce’s proprietary AI product recommendation engine can boost your Average Order Value by showcasing personalized recommendations, similar product recommendations, and frequently bought together products. 

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Unlocking B2B Sales Growth: Boosting Average Order Value with AI Product Recommendations

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