An order taking app that looks great, works even better

Easy to use, integrates with your ERP/CRM/website, an AI-powered recommendation engine, and manages variants. WizOrder has (and does) it all.
b2b order management

25 %

Increase upsell in recurring orders
b2b order management

30 %

Decrease in quote-to-cash time
product recommendations

A product discovery experience like no-other

Sifting through 1000s of products, memorizing SKU IDs is no fun. We’ve built features so that reps can always find the best products to recommend, even ones’ they forgot about.
Typo tolerant search

Typo-tolerant search

Search through any keyword and quickly find best matches.
Advanced filtering and sorting

Attribute filters

Every attribute in your catalog becomes a filter you can apply, such as in-stock, price range, materials, sizes or any combination.
Collections use cases

New launches

Buyers always want to see what’s new, so WizCommerce automatically creates a collection for new launches.
Create custom collections

Custom collections

Want to find products on clearance or products that follow a specific theme, WizCommerce  lets you build custom collections, so reps can find them easily.
personalised product recommendations

Amazon-like product recommendations

WizAI makes it seamless for reps to find ‘similar products’, see ‘top recommendations’ personalized for each buyer and ‘frequently bought together’ products so they can cross-sell with ease.

Everything you need to close deals faster

Multiple changes to presentations or sending quotations back and forth is no fun. So our platform comes with features that make all of this seamless and easy.

Create quotes and convert to orders within seconds

Easily find previously saved quotes or draft carts, of your buyers, and convert them into orders quickly.

Create professional presentations in a few clicks

Select between available price lists, and product variants, to create a customised presentation with your brand logos, colors and formats.

Reach out to customers, most likely to close

With 70%+ accuracy, WizAI can predict which customers are most likely to buy. Spend your time more effectively by going after ripe customers. Through website integration, reps can find which customers abandoned their cart and proactively reach out to close them.

create quotes and orders on b2b order taking app

WizPay : Convert orders into revenue with in-app payments

Accept payments however your customers prefer directly from our platform in the most secure, fast and simple way.

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Create an order. Pick a card. Get paid.

Save customer’s card details safely and charge later, so you can get paid wherever your customers are.

b2b payments

Create an order. Share the link. Get paid.

Place an order in WizCommerce, and send your customers a payment link via email. Your customers need no app or website to pay you!

b2b payment solutions

Create an order. Tap/swipe card. Get paid.

Accept payments at your counter or on the go via a range of terminal hardware to pick from.

b2b payment processing

Refunding made easy

Effortlessly refund entire orders or partially refund items returned. You can choose to return amount to the buyer or store amount as credits within the app for future orders.

b2b payment methods

Integrations that bring intelligence

WizCommerce integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP, CRM, inventory or website, which means your sales team will no longer have to reconcile between several data sources.

1. Inventory syncing

best warehouse inventory management software

An auto-updated inventory that doesn’t rely on memory

Get up to date information on stock quantity, prices, variants and other details from an inventory that gets auto-updated with your website or ERP.

2. Live order status
b2b inventory management

Accurate order statuses and shipment information

WizCommerce syncs orders and order updates from ERP and Website, so reps can see all orders and not just orders placed through the app. Reduce workload on customer service by automatically showing order status like paid or delivered.

3. Insightful reports
Reporting tool for b2b

Reports that make you sharper

See what products are driving most revenue, or what buyers you need to put special focus on. Our integrations ensure reporting is accurate, syncing all order information, no matter how they were placed.

Get more ROI from Markets

WizCommerce comes with specialized features to digitize your entire market experience.
product barcode label

Export product labels

Easily create product labels barcode/ QR code with preferred attributes and sizes, colours and logo.
product label barcode

Scan QR / Bar codes

Connect our app with barcode scanners and easily take orders.
Showroom mode

Enable showroom mode

Remove buyer level restrictions just for the market days.
Tradeshow tools

Quick add new buyers

Add basic info of buyers to add them to database and complete onboarding later.

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